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This was the moment of her greatest dream and she looked up at the immense and impressive studios of Radio Belgrano which for more than 30 years had been the soul of Buenos Aires….and all of a sudden she heard her name called, “and now the senorita, Silvia Del Rios will sing for us”…her hands were trembling as she approached the microphone, there was a breathless moment but when she began singing it all disappeared and she felt herself soaring…Silvia Del Rio did not win that evening but she came in second…it was the beginning of a long and glorious career spanning 40 years…she was awarded with a series of appearances on Radio Belgrano and she recorded her first disc, “Solo Un Minuto” with the Belgrano Orchestra lead by the team of Leopoldo Federico Orchestra and Hector Stamponi


Silvia del Rio was born in the neighborhood of Flores in Buenos Airs to a French immigrant father who dreamt of being a painter…early on he noticed young Silvia’s penchant for singing and encouraged his beloved daughter…soon after he appearance on Radio Belgrano, Silvia was commissioned for a tour of Spain where she was received enthusiastically…In 1972 she released her first LP in an orchestra conducted by Oscar Toscano and began appearing at the most important venues including Cano 14 and La Casa De Carlos Gardel where she often shared billing with legends like Anibal Troilo and Roberto Goyeneche…she would go on extended tours of Peru and Colombia and the United States…she appeared in two films “Asalto En La Ciudad” and “Villa Carina Que Esta Que Arde”…along the way she fell in love for the first time with celebrated journalist and actor Carlos Alberto Dusso; they would marry and raise a family together of which she was to say, “the applause become muffled, the theater light dim, but they are my eternal accomplishment”