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The lyrics to “Sera Una Noche” are different from so many others that are fatalistic…”Sera Una Noche” speaks instead of hope, “I know that one day happiness will return to my life…I know that there will come the day that you return to me”..the lyrics were written by  Manuel Ferradas Campos…for the composer of the music Jose Tinelli, son of Italian immigrants from the region of Puglia, it was love at first sight when he first saw the lovely singer Chola Bosch…they would get married and have a marvelous career together until his untimely death at the age of 49 from a heart attack…Tinelli’s composition “Por Una Vuelta” was made into a great hit by the Jose Basso Orchestra 17 years after it was composed when it was sung by Floreal Ruiz…it was during his tenure with the Jose Basso orchestra that Oscar Ferrari recorded “Sera Una Noche” on July 26, 1951…Oscar Ferrari was born in the neighborhood of Balvanera in Buenos Aires on August 9, 1924…he was the only child of a renown dancers couple who performed  in variety shows…


Oscar  practically grew up in theaters as he accompanied his parents with their traveling company…he began singing in some of those theater productions at the age of four…Oscar was six years old the family moved to Montevideo to work for a theater company when tragedy struck; his father died unexpectedly at the age of 28…at the age of 14 Oscar had his first professional job when he was hired by the Antonio Felice Orchestra…it was the beginning of a long and glorious career which included performances with the orchestras of Alfredo Gobbi, Astor Piazzolla and Armando Pontier for whom he formed a duo with the ill-fated Julio Sosa…with the Edgardo Donato Orchestra he sang on Radio El Mundo and recorded his first disc “Galleguita”…the greatest hit of his career however, was “Venganza”; of its first printing alone, it sold over 4 million copies…during the latter part of his life, he devoted himself to teaching voice and wrote the book “Cabaret Stories” and a book of poetry…he was included in the film “Cafe De Los Maestros”, directed by Miguel Kohan which premiered in 2008 two months before Oscar passed away at the age of 84