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1954, July 23 – TITA RECORDS “SE DICE DE MI”

“I am ugly, I have a big nose, a body like a box, I move like a dinosaur and yet I have broken many men’s hearts”…this tongue in cheek message of “Se Dice De Mi” interestingly described the real life of Tita Merello with whom it would forever be associated due to her acclaimed rendition in the film “El Mercado Del Abasto”…the film, directed by Lucas Demare, the younger brother of the legendary Lucio Demare premiered in 1955….Tita’s rendition of “Se Dice De Mi” would make it one of the best known and perennial milongas in history…..her performance was in turn  inserted in Carlos Saura’s academy award nominated “Tango”which premiered in 1998…Tita was to say about her childhood, “…it was short, sad and ugly…I knew hunger and shame”…she would admit, without shame, to having had to resort to prostitution to survive….she was self-taught as a singer but her passion and her overwhelming drive would one day make her a legend; she would star in over forty films in her career


“Se Dice De Mi”, composed by Francisco Canaro with the lyrics of Ivo Pelay, was first recorded by Canaro on May 19, 1943 with the voice of Carlos Roldan…Carlos Roldan, who was from Montevideo, was to have his own successes especially during his tenure with Francisco Canaro; two of his best known recording were “El Sentimiento Gaucho” and “Yo Solo Se”…he was catapulted to fame singing duet with Mercedes Simone on Radio Belgrano where he was backed up by the Pedro Maffia orchestra…he was nineteen years old when he entered a singing contest on the Westinghouse Radio Station and although he did not win he got noticed and went on to a grand career…but the trappings of success afforded him a late night, bohemian life which finally deteriorated his health; he died prematurely at age sixty…”Se Dice De Mi” would emerge to prominence again fifty years later when it was selected as the theme song for the Colombian soap opera “Betty La Fea” which was immensely popular all over the world…this version, sung by Yolanda Rayo, would be arranged in a salsa beat