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Singer, Composer (Cancer) – by the age of nine he was already a trained butcher and as a teenager he had his own stand at the market; he considered himself fortunate…for although in theory, these were still boom years in Argentina, the income disparity between the haves and the have-nots was indeed large and upward mobility difficult…contented Teofilo loved to sing as he worked and he developed quite a clientele with the ladys to whom he sang as he made their favorite cuts and wrapped their purchases in the traditional butchers’ white wrap; “here you go madam” he might say and the lady might well answer, “Teofilo, sing me again a piece of that tango”….one day a friend who worked in the Max Glucksmann record house heard that Roberto Firpo was looking for a singer and he suggested to Teofilo that he might try; Teofilo was unsure but Miguel prevailed and Teofilo auditioned…to his amazement, out of innumerable applicants Firpo selected him…a few days later, he made his debut at the Teatro Casino singing “Alma De Bohemio” and “Ya No Cantas Chingolo”…just a few weeks later he made his first recording session he recorded “Lechuza” and “Despedida” which were modest hits


Teofilo Ibanez was born in the city of Pamplona, Spain to a poor family…this was a period when Spain was still largely agricultural, poor and illiterate; the memory of the disastrous war with the United States in which she lost the few remaining colonies was still fresh in the Spanish psyche…Teofilo’s family arrived in Buenos Aires and settled in the Barracas neighborhood; he was only four months old…Teofilo stayed with Firpo approximately 2 years during which he recorded 140 tangos…among the highlights of an extensive career are his recording in 1934 of Eduardo Arolas’  “Derecho Viejo” with the Adolfo Cabarbelli orchestra…during his eight month tenure with the Rodolfo Biagi Orchestra, he recorded eight well-remembered pieces including “Golgota” and “Alma De Bohemio”…in the mid 30s with the Julio De Caro orchestra he recorded the hit “Sueno De Juventud”….he would also record with the Edgardo Donato and the Osvaldo Fresedo Orchestras…he was the composer of one of the most endurable hits in tango history “La Vieja Serenata”