She had fallen into deep depression and was ready to give it all up…she had just released her first album “Thalia” but its suggestive lyrics  made it highly controversial and she was banned by a number of radio stations in her native Mexico…her mother, her manager, with calm and reason as well as love, talked to her, “you can quit now and devote yourself to studying a profession or you can make up your mind to overcome it all”...Thalia, with steely determination, went on to become not only an international singing sensation but an entrepreneur and a best-selling author as well…she has said, “in order to have success, you must have discipline”…part of that success has been her devotion to the practise of yoga; inspired by Nadia Comaneci, one of her early dreams was to become a gymnast…her other dream, was to become a biologist and scientist like her father who was a pathologist and writer…when she was five years old her father died unexpectedly; it was a devastating blow; for one year she was mute and doctors were hard-pressed to find a medical reason…


But success has brought its challenges as well…scheduled to marry her beloved boyfriend Alfredo Diaz Ordaz, he contracted hepatitis and died  suddenly; “no one will ever know how much I cried” she was to say…her two sisters were kidnapped in Mexico city; they were released 30 days later presumably after a sizeable ransom had been paid…Thalia was born in Mexico City on August 26, 1971 (Virgo)…she started singing at the age of 10 in a children’s group…four years later she was cast in the mexican version of Grease as the lead “Sandy”….her recordings in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Filipino have sold 40 million albums world-wide …on July 20, 2005 she released “Amar Sin Ser Amada” which is a tango sung in a pop rock beat……the english version “To Love Without Being Loved” was written by Thalia herself…the song advises women who are heart-broken to leave it all behind and to remember the pain to avoid a reoccurence…it reach number two on Billboards “Hot Latin Tracks”…Thalia learned to love tango through her best friend Cynthia who is from Buenos Aires; in fact she considers Argentina as her second country…her first album in English “Thalia” with rapper Fat Joe sold over 150,000 copies in the United States within the first few weeks….in 2007 she published a book  “Thalia” which was a best seller…she married to music mogul Tommy Motola…she said of her first child Sabrina Sakae, “my baby girl is the best thing ever…it is my best project” she says


    • gerrit coetzee
    • March 24th, 2022

    I’m from South Africa, Afrikaans speaking but love all and any kind of music. As top sales person I was invited to an awards function in Buenos Aires in November 2005 and we stayed in the Hilton Hotel. I was walking through the streets going to a leather shop to order a custom made lamb leather jacket the one day and while passing a CD shop I heard this song playing in the back ground. I turned around and immediately bought it. He also gave me one of Tieso, and Emma Chaplin. I already said I should have done marketing for them in SA because we I know we have a huge market for these kids of music. Now years later and with the faster internet and fiber etc. we can also connect to the world faster. This is really great music and yes I was right then. Every one of them are great musicians and if I look at the stats and information on google and what they all have achieved I think I lost out on some commission and money we all could have made in SA and Africa. Some people here still don’t think global and we must promote your music to them. All my friends, family and everyone else I introduced to this various cds and music loved it. Now we can eventually watch and listen to all and any previous songs on yutube we havent heared and missed out on.. I’m glad everyone of them were so blessed to perform so well and making this world a better place with their talents as musicians and charity contributions to this world. Alizee is also great and i only found out about her about 8 years ago.Please keep us in mind when promoting new books and music. Thank you

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