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Angel Cardenas had an unpredictable personality; he could go from extreme kindness to explosive fits of anger…and yet, inspite of this, the scope of his career and accomplishments would be amazing….he was an actor, a singer, a poet, a composer, a movie script writer and director…in 1970 for the film “Una Cabana En La Pampa” for example, he produced, directed, wrote the screen play  and composed the music…Angel Cardenas was born in the city of Chacabuco in the province of Buenos Aires into a struggling Italian immigrant family…his professional debut as a singer occurred in the early 4os in a theater company…he later worked as an assistant to director Leon Klimovsky in two films, “Las Campanas De Santa Teresa” and “Se Llamaba Carlos Gardel…it is through this exposure that he finally attained his dream of becoming an actor; his best performances were in the films “Sabaleros” and “Los Dias Calientes” alongside the international sex symbol of the 50s and 60s, Isabel Sarli…


His major break occurred in 1956 when singer Carlos Olmedo left the Anibal Troilo Orchestra, Cardenas auditioned for Anibal and was hired immediately…the other singer to join the orchestra was the legendary Roberto Goyeneche…”Quien”, Angel Cardenas’s first recording, was recorded on July 18, 1956; it was also the date of his 29th birthday but his greatest hit, the tango “La Ultima”, would come a few years later…Jorge Casal, a renown singer himself, called him “the most beautiful voice in tango”...he had memorable performances at the Marabu Cabaret and on Radio El Mundo…in 1960 he formed his own orchestra with which he toured Central America and later, to great success, in the United States where he remained for many years…as a composer he had some notable success including Jorge Luis Borges’s “Milonga Del Forastero”…in his mature years he basked in the glory of his fame and success and after one particular evenings performance at the “Bar Tunon” before an enthusiastic audience, he went home content…the next day neighbors discovered him alone and dead from a heart attack; he was 78 years old