The lyrics to “Caricias” speak of the deep solitude of a man whose desperate heart is broken….”my heart screams your name in vain for you shall never return and yet notwithstanding, my heart waits for you…I want to forget you but I can’t for you really are the dream of my life”…the lyrics were written by Alfredo Begeschi who was born on the island of Elba, the very one where Napoleon was imprisoned in 1814…although he came from a noble family, for reasons which the family never revealed, he and his immediate family were raised in a common house next to the family villa…there were many rumors…he and his disillusioned family eventually boarded a ship and arrived in Buenos Aires on April 27, 1920; he was 12 years old…but he would remember with deep nostalgia his childhood in his neighborhood on the Island of Elba…at the age of 52 he realized his dream to return to see his old neighborhood when he was sent as a journalist to cover the Rome Olympic games in 1960…


In his neighborhood of Isla Maciel in Buenos Aires, he was thrusted into a tough, thriving, beehive immigrant neighborhood including his first exposure to tango…he did not speak the language and to make matters worse, his father was blinded in an accident and he had to quit school to help support the family…nevertheless he continued in his love of reading, a love he had discovered  as an alter boy back on the Island of Elba…he began submitting articles to neighborhood rags and experiencing the thrill of seeing his name in print…at the age of 16 he had his first break, an Italian friend of his fathers, introduced him to the already famous Juan Maglio “Pacho” for whom he wrote the lyrics to the tango, “Tango Argentino”…it was premiered by Ignacio Corsini and recorded on December 11, 1929 by Carlos Gardel…four years later he would score another hit with “La Novena” which would be recorded by many artists; it would be a big seller for Carlos Dante with the Alfredo de Angelis Orchestra in 1953…he married a girl from Sorrento Italy and had two children; a daughter who would become a school teacher and a son who would become a physician……interestingly, his “Caricias” became a big hit in New York when it was recorded by Blas Hernandez with the Enrique Mendez Orchestra


    • Herbert
    • May 1st, 2014

    Do you have the lyrics of the tango “Bahia blanca” ?
    Thank you.

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