Singer (Cancer) – one day Carlos Varela delivered the dire news to his parents, he had decided to quit school to devote himself to a singing career; it was a hard blow to his father who made tremendous sacrifices to give the best life possible to his five boys and five girls…many years later, looking back on a long and successful career, Carlos Varela would remember with great nostalgia that day and his father’s words of support and encouragement inspite of his deep doubts…Carlos Varela was born in the neighborhood of Flores…he began to sing almost from the time he could walk and began to develop his talent by entering singing contests at school…while undergoing the discouraging process of knocking on doors, he did many odd jobs including having been an errand boy in a shop and a clerk for the local telephone company…his first exposure to notoriety arrived when, at the age of 20, he began singing on Radio Prieto in the evenings often arriving there with great fatigue from his arduous day time jobs…


His big break came when his friend the lyricist Vicente Planells del Campo recommended him to Roberto Firpo; out of many candidates he was finally selected…on February 27 of 1930 he released his first recording “A Montmartre”…its success led to a total of over 70 recordings with Roberto Firpo…the next year he made a long tour of Argentina and upon his return he was a big hit at the celebrated  “Germinal Cafe” in Buenos Aires…he appeared with the Roberto Firpo in the film “Dancing” where he sang, “Desde Pebeta”…while the film was a critical and financial failure, Carlos Varela’s performance was one of the few bright spots…this led to a series of celebrated appearances on Radio Belgrano…interestingly he made an audition with Juan D’arienzo but was turned down…during the latter part of his life he became a successful entrepreneur


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