1994, July 15 – PREMIERE OF “TRUE LIES”

Harry is a computer salesman who travels alot and both his wife and his daughter think that he is dull…his wife Helen believes that he does not appreciate her and she conspires to have an extra marital affair with a used car salesman pretending to be a secret agent…what she does not know is that her husband really is a secret agent…in the pursuit of a group of terrorists who have stolen an atomic bomb, Harry discovers his wife’s affair…”.True Lies”, directed by James Cameron stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, is a film which critics loved…it is one of those rare films which is equally a highly successful comedy and a highly successful action film…there are two tango scenes; the first in the beginning of the film in which Schwarzenegger dances with Tia Carrera and the second at the end of the film when he dance tango with Jamie Lee Curtis…it inspired another similar film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” which premiered in 2005


Both tango scenes are done to “Por Una Cabeza” written by Carlos Gardel in 1935 just before his untimely death in a fiery airplane crash…”Por Una Cabeza” was also featured in two other films Schindler’s List and Scent of a Woman…at the time of production, “True Lies” was one of the most expensive films to have ever been made; it cost about 115 million dollars to make but grossed around 364 million dollars in world-wide sales……it was the 3rd best grossing film of 1994…it was nominated for an academy award for best visual effects and Jamie Lee Curtis won a Golden Globe award for her comedic portrayal of Helen Tasker….True Lies however is in essence a remake of the 1991 French film “La Totale” which was directed by Claude Zidi…the word “tango” was again associated with Arnold Schwarzenneger when one prominent critic, in summarizing his having fathered a child out of wedlock with a maid in the governor’s mansion said, “it takes two to tango”


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