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“I wake up every day with gratitude and the intention to go through life with a true sense of forgiveness”, says Joan Moran in her sometimes touching, sometimes funny, sometimes sad book “Sex, Sixty and Tango”…and it all begins at a tango dance; a Milonga…one evening while at her customary Saturday milonga, Joan Moran said to a friend, “I want to do a stand up routine about men and sex because sex was so very different in the 60s…”…”Joan, that’s a book, you can do stand up any time” responded her friend“Sixty, Sex and Tango” which has received enthusiastic reviews, is in essence about how to discover spiritual balance while living with great joy, sex, and romance…more concretely, using honest and courageous language, it is a book about men, dating, relationships, sex, about being a grandmother…in the section about parenting, for example, she speaks of the need to raise her children to be independent, to give them roots and then wings


Joan Moran, a self-described jewish wanderer was educated in catholic schools and has been an actress and a drug counselor and aspired to be a stand up comedian…she is a yoga teacher …at a certain point in her life, she lost her life’s partner to illness in the middle of raising her two boys…she says, “I started taking tango lessons when I was in full menopause…I felt the music moving through my body, it was like falling in love all over again”….lugging her MacBook around from milonga to milonga, from tango festival to tango festival, she observed and reflected about how the old cliches about a woman getting older were no longer appropriate…she talks about the tensions in relationships and dating and the need for sex…“I like sex” she confesses; she even manages to make a topic like female masturbation funny….she teaches tango and has been to Buenos Aires over 13 times…Joan says, “the best lesson I ever learned in my sixtys to ‘just let it be'”



Andres Falgas at 19 was not particularly self-confident and he had an uncertain future in front of him…he worked at a number of odd jobs to help bring in some money to his struggling family and to help pass the time he sang…always…prodded by a friend and with great reluctance he entered the Puloil Soap singing contest on Radio Splendid which his friends often spoke about…to his astonishment, out of an estimated 2000 contestants, he came in second place…he was rewarded with a cash award which amounted to what he would earn in a year’s time and a six months’ contract to sing on the radio…it was indeed, a dream come true…..among the staff musicians of Radio Splendid was a wide-eyed Raul Kaplan and a young Miguel Calo still glowing from his tour of the United States with the Osvaldo Fresedo Orchestra…Falgas soon made his first recording, “Pena De Amor” which was moderately successful…


His big break came when he was summoned by Rodolfo Biagi; his first recording on July 13, 1939 “Dichas Que Vivi” was a big hit and continues to our very day to be popular in milongas all over the world…the title essentially means, “the low blows which I have endured in life”…Andres Falgas, son of a Catalonian father and an Italian mother, was born in the neighborhood of Caballito where he attended grammar school and high school……in his two years with Biagi, he would make a total of eleven recordings including hits like “Queja Indiana”, “Griseta” and “Cicatrices”…like many tango musicians, he moved to Mexico where he remained for many years and became popular in the Mexican cinema…Andres Falgas would go on to have a glorious career, singing throughout Latin America and even an appearance at the celebrated “La Casa Gardeliana” in New York…he made over 130 recordings; among his numerous compositions perhaps his best known is “La Brisa” which was made into a hit by Carlos Dante with the Alfredo De Angelis orchestra