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It was said of Hector Stamponi,  “an unparalleled figured in the history of tango, a brilliant arranger, an exquisite pianist, an inspired composer”….this modest, shy man would one day compose one of the most beloved tangos in history, “El Ultimo Cafe” which launched the career of Raul Lavie when he won first prize with it in a singing contest in 1964… but it all began with his “Inquietud” which was recorded by the Osvaldo Fresedo Orchestra on July 12, 1939 with the voice of Ricardo Ruiz…over 50 of Stamponi’s tangos would be recorded including his three immortal waltzes (the first two in collaboration with Enrique Francini) “Bajo Un Cielo de Estrellas”, “Pedacito De Cielo” and “Flor De Lino”…these three waltzes are perhaps the most beloved in the genre, continuously played in milongas  from the smallest towns to great metropolises all over the world… the same holds true for his milonga “Azabache” which was a great hit for Raul Beron in 1942..indeed there are few of the greats of tango that did not come in contact with his 60 plus years long career…almost until the end, in his unassuming manner, he loved to play piano in his neighborhood cafes


Hector Stamponi was born in the town of Campana just outside of Buenos Aires to Italian immigrant parents…from very early on he demonstrated unique musical ability and his parents, with much sacrifice, procured lessons for him with renown maestro Juan Ehlert who quickly recognized his talent and asked him to join his personal musical ensemble…the group earned an appearance at the famous Juan Manuel’s Matinee…he then formed a trio with two would be legends of tango, Enrique Francini and Armando Pontier, to accompany artists on Radio Argentina; he later  joined the Scorticati Orchestra to play on Radio Stentor…Hector then briefly joined the Miguel Calo orchestra…in the early 40s he moved to Mexico to work with the singer Amanda Ledesma…it is there that  he composed music for films and composed two tangos with Ernesto Cortazar, “Somos Dos” and “Cruz”…he began a period as a piano soloist, accompanist and arranger; his services were in great demand by all the greats of the time most notably the legendary Charlo in his celebrated appearances on Radio Splendido…in Spain  he teamed up with poet and lyricist Horacio Ferrer in appearances which won rave reviews from critics and the public.