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Leader, Bandoneonist, Composer (Cancer)…He sacrificed his life to his art and there were many regrets…one of those was never having had any children…his beloved wife Ida was eternally devoted to him although he belonged more to the nights and the glasses of whiskey…Horacio Ferrer called him, ” a man of true class and elegance”…but above all he was a gifted musician even though no one in his family was musical…his father was a butcher who died when Anibal was only eight years old; he was brought up with much sacrifice by his mother Felisa whom he never forgot…toward the end of his career, his body wracked by abuse, in an interview he said, “you know I never left my neighborhood, not really…I never really left my mother and I am always returning to her” was she who, with much sacrifice, bought him his first bandoneon; 140 pesos in 14 installments, he was ten years old…the poet Julian Centeya would one day call him “the best bandoneon player in Buenos Aires”…his first public performance was at the age of eleven in the Abasto Market at the Petit Colon Cinema…


At the age of 14 he formed a quintet; at 16 he was part of the renown sextet of violinist Elvino Vardaro with Osvaldo Pugliese at the piano…later he would play with some of the greats, Juan Maglio “Pacho”, Juan D’arenzo and Angel D’agostino…toward the end of his life, he would recall 1937 with nostalgia; that was the year that he put together his own orchestra and the year that, in a night club, he met a shy hat girl, Ida Calachi whom he would marry and who would become his beloved partner for the rest of his life...the following year he made his first recording “Come Il Faut” by Eduardo Arolas …but Troilo, a master of pauses, was also an accomplished composer of some immortal hits like  ”Toda Mi Vida”, “Barrio de Tango”, “Garua”, “Sur”, “Romance del Barrio”,“La Ultima Curda”, “Mari…at the age of 18 he appeared in his first film “Los Tres Berretines”…others included the celebrated “Radio Bar” which premiered  in 1936 when he was part of the Elvino Vardaro orchestra…in the movie “El Tango Vuelve A Paris” which premiered in 1948  he has an acting roll…he died of cerebral hemorrhage and cardiac arrest at the Hospital Italiano with Ida at his side