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The publicity read, “Violin Recital by Child Prodigy at The Argentina Saloon – Entrance Fee 2 Pesos”…for the first part of the program Mendelson, for the second, Bach and Tschikovsky…in fact his performance was a resounding success and a great future in the classical world was whispered about for young Elvino Vardaro but in time Elvino discovered that his true love was tango….to help support the family he began playing in the silent movie theaters always with a watchful eye toward the door for he was still underage…it is in this milieu that he met another underage musician, the future legend, Rodolfo Biaggi who was there without his parents conscent…it is there that the legendary Juan Maglio “Pacho walked into the theater and discovered both of them


He was twenty fours years old when he formed “The Vardaro Pugliese Orchestra”; it was a dream come true…with great fanfare and promise and including a wide-eyed Anibal Troilo and Osvaldo Pugliese, the group debuted at the Cafe Nacional to an ecstatic reception…the dream however, was to turn into a nightmare when, embarking a long tour of Argentina, the lack of proper organization and management not only resulted in the curtailing of the tour and the dismemberment of the group…Elvino had to pawn his “Sartoris Bow” to be able to buy train fare back home…like Elvino, the protagonist in Bellinis “La Sonnambula” after whom his father named him who sings “all is lost, nothing can be done, my heart is dead to joy and love”, he went through a period of great despair but Elvino would not only survive but go on to have a diverse and exciting career as few tango musicians would ever have…tango historians often refer to “the Vardaro school” to describe musicians and events