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In 2008, Nuria De Fortuny at age 93 passed aways…among a treasure trove of documents she had inherited, was found Carlos Gardel’s birth certificate which was signed by midwife Jenny Bazin  and which stated that Carlos Gardel had been born on December 11, 1890 at 10:oo AM and that his mother was Maria Berthe Gardes…here then was indisputable proof that she was his natural mother and not his adoptive mother as had been fervently believed by a die-hard group of Uruguayans…three years later she traveled from Toulouse to Bordeaux which since 1825 had been a port of departure for emigrants and sailed for Buenos Aires; she arrived there on March 9, 1893 with a three-year old Carlos Gardel in tow…Maria Berthe Gardes was born in Toulouse France…her father Vital Gardes, a humble merchant, died suddenly leaving behind an impoverished family…in desperation Maria and her mother had even once boldly gone to Caracas, Venezuela with a promise of a better life but it had been another disillusionment and with little to show for the venture, they had returned to France…


Maria worked as a laundry woman and it is likely that through that profession she met a woman who introduced her to her son, Paul Lasserre, Carlos Gardel’s father…for some reason when he found out that Maria was pregnant with his child, he refused to marry her…perhaps because she was already 27 years old; these were the times when the marrying age was much younger; instead a few years later he married Anne Marie Broyer….sometime after World War I, Paul Lasserre, now a  widower traveled to Buenos Aires to “offer his name” by offering to marry Berthe; she refused…he returned to France and soon afterwards passed away….before leaving on his last tour outside of Argentina, Carlos Gardel said to his administrator Armando Delfino, “two years is a long time, perhaps I should write out a will”…a few months earlier he had said to Juan D’arienzo, “Juanito I am going to die in an airplane…in his will he left everything to his beloved mother…in an interview before her death she said, “for me, my son has not died, I still wait for him as always, it seems to me that I still see him arrive to my house”