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One of the most beloved tango waltzes of all time, it continues to be played nightly in milongas around the world….the lyrics are the recollections of a lonely man who remembers that girl he left while she is proclaiming her undying love for him, “I had to leave you, I was involved with someone else and the parting was painful…with the passing of all these years, you have probably forgotten me, but I never have”…it was first recorded in 1942 by the Pedro Laurenz Orchestra with moderate success but for the Alfredo De Angelis Orchestra with the voices of Carlos Dante and Julio Martel, it was a major hit…its composer Juan Larenza was the youngest child of a struggling Italian immigrant family…he composed his first tango at age 16 and the next year it was recorded by the Roberto Firpo Orchestra…he was hired to play piano for Carlos Gardel’s appearance on radio station “La Voz De La Victor” in Bogota Colombia where Gardel sang his last tango “Tomo Y Obligo”…fortuitously, he was not engaged for the next scheduled engagement in Cali which led to the tragic plane crash where Gardel and his entourage perished


The lyrics to “Flores Del Alma” were written by poet Lito Bayardo who was also a singer and composer…his father died when he was a child and he had to quit school to work; at the age of 12 he was already working in a factory…although of limited formal education, he discovered a love for poetry and began penning verses….he would eventually write the lyrics to beloved tangos like “Cuatro Campanadas” and “Duelo Criollo” and “Esta Noche” which was recorded by the Osvaldo Fresedo Orchestra…he was the author of several books of poetry and as a singer he recorded about 25 tangos…with the help of his friend Homero Manzi, he appeared in two films including “Pobre Mi Madre Querida” in 1948…his waining years were difficult; forgotten and abandoned, he suffered severe bouts of depressiion…on March 8, 1986 after a difficult and sleepless night, he shot himself in the head; he was 81 years old…a similar fate was met by two other tango notables Armando Pontier and Sabina Olmos