Resigned to his fate, a man looks back and remembers the “Cafetiin”, the small neighborhood tavern, a microcosm of the world which as a curious child he first saw with his nose pressed against the cold window pane...” you taught me to smoke to drink to gamble… it is there that I first learned to dream, to believe in true love…it is there, that later as an adult, I cried over disillusionment”…this was one of the masterpieces of the legendary lyricist Enrique Santos Discepolo, a close friend of Eva Peron, who would himself die of disillusionment when his friends rejected him for his ardent support of Peronism…Discepolo, the pessimistic philosopher, the “philosopher of spare change”  has been quoted by a variety of writers…the renown activist French historian Pierre Vidal-Naquet cited Discepolo’s  “Calambache” in his study of the causes of neo-nazism


Tania, born in Toledo Spain and renown for her sense of humor, was a famous singer of “cuples”, brief satirical Spanish songs…her first husband was a famous dancer whose stage name was “Mexican”; together they formed  “Tania-Mexican Dancing Partners”…..she first came to Buenos Aires with a theater company and thus discovered tango….Discepolo first laid eyes on her around 1927 at the “Follies Bergere” where she was singing “Esta Noche Me Emborracho” a tango for which Discepolo wrote both the music and the lyrics…it was Jose Razzano who made the formal introduction between them….one evening the shy, unassuming Discepolo invited Tania to his apartment for tea and as she was to recall many years later, “I was delighted…just in case, I took a small bag with a night dress…I spent the night and stayed forever”…while Discepolo died young at the age of 50, she lived until the age of 106…when asked the secret of her longevity she answered, “I always have a whiskey with lunch”


  1. October 15th, 2011

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