Many legends arose about the relationship…some as outlandish as, that she had sent him gardenias in a gold pot to his hotel room…others claimed that late at night she would sneak into his room, that she paid all of his expenses, that she financed all of his movies…the gossip began almost from the moment Carlos Gardel met Sadie Wakefield sometime around 1929…it is true that she paid for many of his expenses…while Carlos Gardel made enormous sums of money, he was always in debt due to his gambling habits…for her part Sadie Wakefield did not discourage the stories; they gave her  status and fascination and made the envy of her rich friends…her rich husband George Wakefield who was very much in love with Sadie indulged her pastimes…George Wakefield was an investor in Gardel’s movies; he was also the principal shareholder of Exitos Spanish Pictures of which Gardel was the titular head…Sadie Wakefield was born in Baltimore, the daughter of Bernhard Baron, a Russian born jewish businessman who lived in the United States and later moved to England…


There he headed the Carreras Tobacco Company which through his legendary managerial skills, made the company prosper…when the film “Melodia de Arrabal” was shot in Paris, Sadie was a frequent presence…the story is told that one day Gardel arrived to the set with Sadie in a black limousine and reportedly his co-star Imperio Argentina said to him “Have you become an undertaker accompanied by old women”…Manuel Pizzaro described Sadie as “an old woman with exaggerated make up and as wide as she is tall…but discreet and generous”…generous she was, the French government would eventually decorate her for her philanthropy…when Gardel was in Nice he would stay at the Wakefield’s magnificent chalet Villa L’Oiseu Blu…it is there that Gardel got to really know Charlie Chaplain…visitors would note that, behind a Japanese style bar richly incrusted in mother of pearl ivory was a picture of Sadie, Gardel and Charlie Chaplain….Chaplain would take a great liking to Gardel and he would write in his diary of having conversed the whole night with Gardel…..Sadie Wakefield would pass away at the age of 64 in New York; her husband would survive her for another six years


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