The lyrics speak of two separated lovers reflecting with regret on dreams not realized even though they loved each other, “it was sadly predestined” the text says…the lyrics were written by poet Julio Camilloni who was born May 11, 1911 (Taurus) in Ancona Italy but moved with his parents to Buenos Aires when he was three years old …growing up in an impoverished home, he had a passion for books and poetry; he was eleven years old when he wrote his first line of verse…later as an adult he would be much-loved and respected by his contemporaries…it was on one of his customary night life outings that he would meet Antonio Blanco the violinist for the Alfredo Gobbi Orchestra…Blanco would  add music to his early poems including “Predestinata”; their best hit together was “La Ultima”…his tango “Hasta El Ultimo Tren” was awarded first prize at the Festival of Tango and Song in 1969; in second place was “Balada Para Un Loco” by poet Horacio Ferrer which would become a legendary hit in the hands of Roberto Goyeneche


“Predestinato” was recorded by Tito Landò with the Alfredo Gobbi orchestra…already as a child Tito demonstrated the strong will which would help him become an accomplished tango singer at a time of immense and talented competition…as a child he sang  at school events but he was restless and he quit school to work but his dream was to become a singer…at the age of fifteen he was already getting short singing gigs at celebrated venues like “Tango Bar” and “La Armonia”…in 1954 after a trying period as a soloist, he finally accepted an offer from Alfredo Gobbi to join his orchestra…he began developing a name with their appearances on Radio El Mundo…it is during this time that he was drafted into the navy and he continued singing with the orchestra but now in military uniform…he made his last recording in Colombia in 1975


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