Oddly he personally never played there and yet his tango “Armenonville” immortalized the restaurant which inspired it…when the sheet music was published it was an instant boom; six consecutive editions of 1000 copies were immediately printed….Armenonville the restaurant became  a popular and chic place to eat and dance tango…some of its illustrious entertainers included Francisco Canaro, Roberto Firpo and the up and coming duo of Carlos Gardel and Jose Razzano…”Armenonville” the tango has remained popular, Juan D’arienzo recorded it as late as 1970…Carlos Lanzavechia and Manuel Loureiro were two young, struggling waiters with a dream; an elegant restaurant with live music and dancing….Juan Maglio Pacho was their friend and encouraged them…twenty years later they finally opened the doors to “Armenonville”


“Armenonville” was the third tango composed by “Pacho”; it is estimated that in his career he composed over 900…he sold so many records that his name was synonymous with buying a record; it was customary for people to enter a record shop and simply say, “give me a pacho”…Pacho was one of eight children born to Pantaleon, a struggling immigrant from Italy who settled in the neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires…Pantaleon was an accomplished bandoneon player who was Pacho’s first demanding teacher…at the age of eighteen he debuted with a trio at the Cafe Vasco in the neighborhood of Barracas…later he would play at the famous Cafe Paloma where he would recall how the sound of the bandoneon would make the rats scurry…on July 11, 1934, weakened and in dire pain, he was helped into the studios of Radio Belgrano for his last performance…thee days later, at the age of fifty-four he succumbed to lung cancer, the victim of six black tobacco cigarettes which he smoked per day


  1. August 14th, 2011

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