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Dancer (Gemini) – during the dark period of military repression in the 1950s tango, which was associated with the overthrown Peronist regime, was repressed…tango artists were blackballed, jailed, many had to go into exile; lunfardo was banned, tango lyrics censured…Juan Carlos Copes however, was an untouchable…when he was performing, on one side of the theater were the military, on the other the mafia and in the middle the common people…Juan Carlos Copes was an institution with world-wide connections…his appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was a resounding success; he was called back several times…he was the first to choreograph tango argentino on broadway…at the “cathedral of tango”, Cano 14, Juan Carlos Copes first began to put his choreographic ideas together, the knife fight between the neighborhood toughs, dancing on tables, tango among poor immigrants…these would become standard and be copied all over the world…Robert Duvall described him as “a rolls royce without a spedometer”


He choreographed the renown “Maria De Buenos Aires” by Astor Piazzolla…he starred in Carlos Saura’s academy award nominated “Tango” where he danced with his daughter Johanna…Juan Carlos Copes grew up listening to tango; his grandfather was the first professional tango flutist in history…he was planning a career as an electronic engineer when one day he shyly walked in to the milonga Parque Norte in his Villa Puerreydon neighborhood… it changed his life, he knew instantly that this is what he wanted to devote his life to against the vehement objections of his father…one fateful day, he and Nata, entered a dance contest but the judges chose their favorites as the winners; the crowd went wild with rage, the judges were forced to change their minds and award Juan and Nata first prize…later he would unfold his career with her sister Maria Nieves…sixty years later after a career of breathcatching breadth, he is still going strong.