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In witty, tongue in cheek lyrics, the courtship between a man and a woman becomes a boxing match…man and woman are in the ring and punches, withdrawals and defenses are  described and finally she let’s down her defense, her mouth is unguarded, whereupon he says “and like a quick punch I hit your mouth with a kiss and baby, by a knock out I won”…the lyrics were written by poet and playwrite Ivan Diez who like the legendary Astor Piazzolla was born in Mar de Plata…he was a writer of popular short novels like “La Honra De Aquella Mujer” (1921) and books of poems like “Granos De Arena” in 1924 and later another book of verses in lunfardo “Sangre De Suburbio”…some of his other tangos include the hit “Almagro” to the music of Vicente San Lorenzo, “Vesubiio” by Enrique Delfino and “Tu Panuelo” by Antonio Polito


The music to “Knock Out De Amor” was by Vicente San Lorenzo who was born in Naples Italy and emigrated to Argentina as a young boy…from early on he demonstrated precocious musical ability; his father was his first piano teacher…he began playing as a young boy for spare change in the bars and cafes of his neighborhood Almagro; later he was popular at the celebrated Club San Lorenzo…his first tango was “Te Di Chaqui”; later his “Almagro”  was a big hit which, one day, Carlos Gardel heard on the radio and immediately decided to record it…Carlos Gardel’s repertoire was inspired by the everyday life of his fellow portenos and fellow musicians…his “Mi Noche Triste” by Pascual Contursi, was his first tango and turned him from a regional folk singer into an international tango star…he personally composed “Por Una Cabeza” which is one of the most popular tangos in the world; it was featured in the film “Scent of a Woman” and “Shindler’s List”