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Leader, Pianist (Gemini) – “Yes I promise” said Enrique Cadicamo solemnly to Angel D’agostino; the two had made a pact to never betray their friendship by marrying…nevertheless, Cadicamo would marry at the age of fifty to a twenty-two year old girl and Angel D’agostino would never speak to him again…Angel D’agostino would live to the age of ninety-one, still a bachelor surrounded by friends and the memories of many women; his friend Cadicamo would also live a long life, passing away at the age of ninety nine…Angel D’agostino would seal his immortality during the six years he formed a team with singer Angel Vargas; “los dos angelos” (the two angels they were called)… they would record ninety-three tangos together including, “A Pan Y Agua“, “Mano Blanca” , “Adios Arrabal”…Angel D’agostino was one of the few musicians who was a dancer and he was to say, “I love dancing and am a miloguerno, I was a good dancer and I played to accompany the best ones”


Angel D’agostino was born in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires to an Italian immigrant family of musicians…he remembered that as a boy, the piano in his house never stopped playing…his father was his first teacher and later he entered the conservatory…as a child he began to play in public with another boy who would one day be a legend of tango, Juan D’arienzo…he quit school early to devote himself to his career; at the age of twenty he organized his first orchestra to play tango and jazz at the famous Palais de Glace…his orchestra gave young Anibal Troilo and Alberto Echague and Ismael Spitalnik their first professional breaks…a skilled gambler, he played poker at the Club de Progresso where high society people frequented …in 1932 he met Angel Vargas but is wasn’t until eight years later that they formed their legendary team which debuted on Radio El Mundo; one of their ardent fans was Eva Peron.