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Studies by social scientists have confirmed that in communities which have more love among its members people have less heart disease and live longer…the healing power of love to heal loss, is precisely what this tango speaks about…“love is the magical star that descends from heaven that makes healing a reality”, it says…sadly, this was not to be the destiny of  its singer, the legendary Ada Falcon…her true love was orchestra leader Francisco Canaro but he was already married and he finally reneged on his promise to divorce his wife when he realized how much money he would lose…Canaro was the wealthiest man in tango and the epithet “he was more money than Canaro” was in common usage…Canaro was the son of poor immigrants from Rovigo Italy and early in life he quit school to work…his first violin he constructed himself from an old oil can which he used to play on the sidewalks of Buenos Aires for spare change; it was the beginning of an incredible career….


No one is sure how many recordings he made but the estimates range from 3500 – 7000…Ada Falcon began singing at the age of five as “La Joyita Argentina” (The Argentinean Jewel)…she would become immensely rich and famous…it is said that she was conceited and haughty, accused of  acting like “an American Diva”…in 1930 she began singing with the Francisco Canaro Orchestra and began a long love affair with Canaro…twelve years later, disillusioned and depressed, at the height of her fame and fortune, she suddenly withdrew from public life and eventually entered a convent for tertiary nuns where she lived in poverty by her own choice…she never actually said why, but the speculation was that it was from a broken heart…she lived until the age of ninety-six


las_obras/letra.aspx?idletra=2248 to hear Ada Falcon sing “Cuando El Corazon” with the Francisco Canaro Orchestra…the lyrics are by Carmelo Santiago