Lucy is a woman with a checkered past…using guile and seduction she convinces two men Arguello and Carlos to install an illegal game on the second floor of a dance hall which operates legally…Arguello’s attraction to Lucy eventually becomes an obsession but she rejects him; she is interested instead, in his partner Carlos who is a singer and a latin lover…in desperation, Arguello cheats Carlos in a card game of “Monte”  and Carlos is ruined…in the knife fight which ensues, Carlos kills Arguello…”Monte” is the name of a card game which originated in Spain which was popular in Argentina and which, interestingly, was very popular in the American far west…directed  by Arturo S. Mom, it starred Azucena Maizani and  Agustin Magaldi…Azucena Maizani sings the tango “Monte Criollo” which was composed for the film by Francisco Pracanico with lyrics by the legendary Homero Manzi; they also composed the tango “Muchacho de Cafetin”…


Pracanico had to quit school when he was a child to work as a shoe shine boy…in between customers to pass the time away he would play his harmonica…eventually his customers gave him a guitar and then a piano and in time would become one of tango’s renown figures…it was the first film for Francisco Petrone was who would go on to have a grand career as an actor..in 1942 he would star in the classic film “La Guerra Gaucha” directed by Lucas Demare with music by Lucio Demare…in the 1950s, like Osvaldo Pugliese, he was blackballed for his membership in the communist party and like Libertad Lamarque, for a time, he had to move to Mexico to find work…he was to die at the age of 65 surrounded by his beloved wife and seven children…”Monte Criollo”argen was produced by the Argentina Sono Films studio which was founded by Angel Mentasti, the son of poor farmers In Varese, Italy before he emigrated arrived to Buenos Aires…he worked at many odd jobs before eventually founding Argentina Sono Films….he produced Luis Moglia Barth’s “Tango” in 1933, the first sound film in Argentina


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