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1985, May 21 – Abel Cordaba Records “PA LO QUE TE VA A DURAR”

The lyrics of “Pa Lo Che Te Va A Durar” warn a young man that his abandonment in partying, drinking and horse racing, will one day result in tragedy in his life…the song says, “you’ll see one day where you will end up“…these are recurrent themes in tango…Rosendo Mendizabal, who wrote what is considered the first published tango, “El Enterriano” squandered a huge inheritance and died penniless and alone at the age of forty five…horse racing is of course the theme of Carlos Gardel’s greatest composition “Por Una Cabeza”; Gardel was a big fan of horse racing and incurred huge gambling debts notwithstanding the incredible sums of money he earned…”Pa Lo Che Te Va A Durar” was composed by the renown guitarist Guillermo Barbieri who perished in the airplane crash which killed Carlos Gardel…it was found among the charred remains in a smoking piece of luggage and published posthumously…Abel Cordoba had a rough start in his career; he struggled for many years before Osvaldo Pugliese hired him out of over 300 contestants…


He was born in the neighborhood of Caballito, Buenos Aires where his father was lover of Gardel and an avid fan of the Glostora Tango Club which the family assiduously listened to every night…one evening he went to hear the Alfredo De Angelis orchestra and his renown singer Carlos Dante encouraged the sixteen year old Abel to follow his heart…he began to study voice and his teacher was so impressed with his talent that he tried to push him into opera but Abel’s heart was set on tango….brimming with dreams and hope, Abel began to enter singing contests but had little success; greatly discouraged, he survived by eaking out a living singing in bars and cafes…one evening when he was singing at the Confiteria Oriental, when Pugliese’s agent “El Negro Mela” heard him and invited him to an audition…in gratitude, and it must be said, in humility, Abel Cordoba remained with Pugliese for over thirty one years…he would tour the whole world with Pugliese and he was especially popular in Japan…in Finland, a group of musicologists chose his recording of Discepolo’s legendary “Uno” as the best rendition of all time