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Early on his parents realized that their son had a unique talent for singing and encouraged him…while still only in his early teens he found himself terrified on stage singing with the renown Americo Pioli Orchestra in his native Montevideo…it was the begining of a long and glorious career but whose trappings of success with its easy access to bohemian nights and alcohol would lead to his premature death…at the age of 19 Carlos Roldan took part in the Westinghouse Radio Station singing contest and while he did not win, it got him noticed by the right people…he began a series of appearances with orchestras in Montevideo…fortified with funds from a fundraiser held by friends and fans, he made the big move to Buenso Aires where he began with a round of appearance on radio stations culminating in a contract to do a series of shows based on Homero Manzi lyrics on Radio Belgrano…he later did a celebrated concert in duet with Mercedes Simone backed by the Pedro Maffia Orchestra….he would eventually join the legendary orchestras of Roberto Firpo and Francisco Canaro


Carlos Roldan was the first to record the milonga “Se Dice De Mi” on May 19, 1943 which was composed by Francisco Canaro….it was only moderately successful and then forgotten until twelve years later when Tita Merello sang it in Luca Demare’s classic film “El Mercado Del Abasto” which premiered in 1955…not only was it a huge success but she would be stronly identified with it her for the rest of tango history…her performance was in turn  inserted in Carlos Saura’s academy award nominated “Tango”which premiered in 1998…the lyrics, written by Ivo Pelay, are a tongue in cheek declaration of a woman who says, “I am ugly and I have a big nose and a body like a box, I move like a dinasaur and yet I have broken many men’s hearts”…50 years later “Se Dice De Mi” would again surface prominently when it was used as the theme song for the internatinally popular Colombian soap “Betty La Fea”