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Jan Henderson, renown motivational speaker says, “In a lifelong search for meaning, I have found the clown to be the best all encompassing metaphor for the human condition”…perhaps the best known clown in history is “Canio” in Leoncavallo’s “Pagliacci”; at the end of the first act Canio says, “Turn your distress and tears into jest, your pain and sobbing into a funny face”….“Soy Un Arlequina” (I Am A Clown) with both music and lyrics by the inimitable Enrique Santos Discepolo has the same message; it was a great hit and continues to be immensely popular to our very day…but that confusion and sadness which Discepolo expressed in his “arlequin”, was to be his personal destiny as well…ostracized and rejected by his fellow artists and musicians for his impassioned support of Peronism, he spiraled into depression, lost his appetite and essentially died of a broken heart at the age of fifty years old


Alberto Gomez, the son of Italian immigrants, was a refined singer with a tenor voice…he was Discepolo’s preferred singer for his works; in fact “Soy Un Arlequin”  was Alberto Gomez’s first recording…one of his early breaks came when was  hired by Adolfo Carabelli for his celebrated Orchestra Tipica Victor…perhaps he is best remembered for his lead role as Alberto in the film “Tango”, the first sound film in Argentina, in 1933…in the film he is the lover of “Elena” played by Libertad Lamarque and at a certain point he says to her “Now I love tango more than ever…all this life with you, I owe to him”…Elena responds, “and I too love tango…it is through a tango that I met you and it is through a tango that I began to love you”…Alberto Gomez would go on to have a great singing career throughout the world and in films even if his acting was atrocious…he composed a number of tango including “Que Nadie Se Entere” which was recorded by Francisco Canaro…in 1959, he was accompanied by the legendary Pedro Maffia in a series of renown programs on Radio Belgrano