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He was nineteen when he recorded “Vuelve Otra Vez”; it was his first recording and the beginning of a glorious career…he was backed by the renown “Orchestra Tipica Victor” which through its many years of existence retained the excellence of its creator, the classically trained Adolfo Carabelli, whose disillusionment with a love affair would cause him to become a recluse and die alone at the age of 54…Mario Pomar began singing in local bars and cafes for donations until one fateful day a producer from Radio Belgrano happened to hear him and invited him to sing on the radio station…in his career he was to sing with the best orchestras including that of Miguel Calo, Juan D’arienzo and Osmar Maderna whom he met when they both played for Miguel Calo…in 1935 after having groomed himself for ten years as a professional, he put together his first orchestra


It debuted at the legendary Chantecler Cabaret where its classy master of ceremonies Angel Sanchez Carreno “El Pincipe Cubano” would introduce Mario much elegant fanfare…in February of 1951 Carlos Di Sarli , after a two-year absence, decided to reorganize his orchestra for Radio El Mundo for which he auditioned many singers and finally selected two, Oscar Serpa and Mario Pomar…it is with Di Sarli that Mario would seal his immortality with hits like “Se Muere De Amor”, composed by Pedro Maffia and “Tengo Un Amigo” by Arturo Galucci…”Vuelve Otra Vez” was composed by the great Mexican pianist Agustin Lara who composed the immortal “Granada”, “Madrid” and “Solamente Una Vez” which he composed in Buenos Aires and dedicated to Jose Mojica