The lyrics to Esta Noche de Garufa speak about a man who says, “tonight on a night of revelry, I want to have fun, to party with my friends for life is short and you never know”; this was Eduardo Arola’s first tango at the age of seventeen years old and an eery predictor of things to come for Arolas would die at the age of 32 in a Paris hospital from complications of alcoholism…Eduardo Arolas was in the eyes of many, the greatest composer of all time; among his 100 compositions are a number of great hits like “El Marne”, “La Cachila”, “Derecho Viejo”…Osvaldo Fresedo, in one of the last recording of his long and illustrious career, recorded Arolas’ masterpiece “El Marne” in 1980…from an early age Eduardo Arolas demonstrated precocious musical ability and he was self-taught in a number of musical instruments…in fact when he wrote “Una Noche de Garufa” he did not know how to write music and Francisco Canaro had to transcribe it for him…


The success of this tango inspired Arolas to open a bar by the name of “Una Noche de Garufa”…Ricardo Tanturi had a relatively mediocre orchestra but it was with the addition of singer Alberto Castillo in 1939 that he began to have success…interestingly this was the pairing of two board certified physicians; Castillo was a gynecologist and Tanturi, a dentist…Tanturi, the son of poor Italian immigrants, was born in the neighborhood of Barracas, Buenos Aires…at the age of nineteen he began playing piano on Radio Belgrano…Una Noche de Garufa was recorded by many orchestras including that of Carlos Di Sarli…the piece inspired a film by the same name, directed by Jose Ferreyra in 1915; it was his first film and portrayed s single day….Jose Ferreyra, of mixed African descent, was one of the pioneers of Argentine films directing over forty film including the celebrated “Ayudame a Vivir” (Help Me To Live) with Libertad Lamarque


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