1963, May 3 – GRAND OPENING OF, “CANO 14”

It was a courageous act for Attilo Stampone to open a club devoted exclusively to tango in 1963; tango had passed from fashion and although there was the exceptional artist like Julio Sosa who could still attracts crowds, most of its still living legends were barely subsisting and all but forgotten …but the passion for tango still smouldered in discreet corners and the great Anibal Troilo promised Attilo his whole-hearted support for the project; the addition of retired footballer Rinaldo Martino and actor Pedro Aleandro as investors assured that its doors would open…indeed Cano 14 was to succeed beyond it founders dreams becoming a legened and christened as a  “The Cathedral of Tango” by its faithfull fans…on its stage would appear the legends of tango like Anibal Troilo and Osvaldo Pugliese, singers Roberto Goyeneche, Edmundo Rivero, Roberto Rufino, dancers Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves to name just a few


The renown Enrique Francini would end his life on it august stage on August 27, 1978; while playing “Nostalgias” he suddenly had a massive heart attack and keeled over…but Cano 14 also launched careers; the celebrated Sexteto Tango made their debut here and was catapulted into a world-wide career spanning twenty years…recommended by Lucio Demare, in 1969 singer Ruben Juarez debuted here and went on to have an illustrious career…the legendary Hugo del Carril, almost at the end of his career, sang here in 1980 when a delirious public kept him on stage for almost an hour…a nineteen year old singer, Gustavo Nocetti debuted here and with a highly enthusiastic reception from Cano 14’s demanding public, launched a career which unfortunately was cut short when he died in a car accident at the age of forty three…Salvador Allende and Ella Fitzgeral were among its illustrious customers…it had a grand twenty-five year run before closing its door but its mythical status continued to grow and in 2010 it reopened again, at which its guest of honor was non other than Atilio Stampone


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