Singer, Composer, Poet (Aries) – there were nights she would wake up from a night mare and realize that it had been real…the knock at the door, the forced entry of armed soldiers, the beating of her parents, her sister dragged away with no knowledge of her fate only to learn later that she had been tortured and murdered in Argentina’s tragic “Dirty War”…Lina herself barely escaped being apprehended and she had to flee with an eight month old baby, changing houses seven times to avoid detection and arrest…it is this passion, the anger, the fear, the outrage that so many of its perpetrators have still not been brought to justice which she puts into her poetry and music…Lina Avellaneda was born in the Wilde neighborhood of Buenos Aires to a family of gifted musicians, circus performers, singers…her father, son of Italian immigrants, was passionate about tango; her mother of Spanish descent, until late in life, continued singiing Spanish “Tonadillas”…


Her cousin, Julio Pane, is a renown bandoneonist and composer who performed with Astor Piazzolla…she began performing when she was still in grade school singing folk songs; later she graduated from the Escuela De Bellas Artes (School of Fine Arts) and continued her musical studies with the legendary Sebastian Piana…she has won numerous awards for her music and has won nine awards for her poetry including the Mitominas first prize given by the Argentine poet Tamara Kamenszain…in 2005 she published to great acclaim, “Marron y Plata” a book of poetry about about the origins of the river and the arrival of its immigrants; many of her poems have been musicalized by renown composers…her performances, interspersed with her humor and monologues, have made her a favorite on Radio Belgrano and at Ruben Juarez’s celebrated Cafe Homero…in 2003 she appeared in the movie “Yo No Se Que Me Han Hecho Tus Ojos” dedicated to Ada Falcon…she is an impassioned campaigner for women’s rights especially equal pay and reproductive rigthts


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