Composer, Pianist (Aries) – for the last two years of his life he was ill, bedridden, partially paralyzed in one single, squalid room…on June 30, 1913, mercifully, he finally passed away, he was forty-five years old…and yet, just a few years earlier he had been a very wealthy man having inherited a huge sum of money from a deceased grandmother…this gifted, charming man might have simply been forgotten had he not composed “El Enterriano”, one of the most successful tangos in history…Rosendo Mendizabal, of mixed african blood, came from a well to do family…his father, was a poet and a renown writer, famous for, “Primos Versos y Oras de Meditacion” (First Versus and Hours of Meditation), a book of poems…Rosendo graduated from the conservatory as a piano teacher where he was a gifted student and a great career was predicted for him…however, with his sudden windfall, he embarked on a profligate, bohemian life squandering a considerable fortune in a short period of time…his life resembled that of his contemporary Angel Villoldo, composer of the immortal “El Choclo”


He was forced to survive by playing piano in clubs and brothels for tips but his immense talent and charm also made him a favorite entertainer in high-end cabarets like “La Vieja Eustaquia”, “Tarana”, ” and “Maria La Vasca” run by renown Laura Montserrat…it is here that in 1897 he began to improvise a tango “El Enterriano” which would become a great classic; it is considered by some historians as the first published tango in history…these were the times before authors earned royalties on their compositions so while his masterpiece would generate considerable sums in the future, like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, he would die destitute…it was the custom to dedicate a new tango to some important person who would in turn make a gift of a sum of money to the composer; it is believed that El Enterriano was dedicated to Ricardo Segovia who may have been an influential judge…Rosendo composed many tangos but as they were often just simply scribbled on blank sheets of paper, the majority of his works were lost… his tangos were generally humorous and referenced judges, bankers, politicians…no personal recordings by Mendizabal were ever made…some of his popular surviving tangos include, “A La Luz De Los Faroles”, “Arrabalera”, “Z Club”


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