1911, April 13 – BIRTH OF JOSE TINELLI

Leader, Composer, Pianist (Aries) – from the moment the lovely Chola Bosch walked in to audition at Radio Stentor, Jose’s  heart began to flutter; he would recount many years later the sensation of seeing walk in with her lively, self-assured step and captivating smile…although he had promised marriage to someone else, he eventually married Chola and they would have a marvelous career together until his untimely death at the age of forty-nine from a heart attack…she would continue her career and finally pass away singing at the age of ninety three…Jose Tinelli was born in Buenos Aires to Jose and Beatriz Bernardi, struggling Italian immigrants from the southern region of Puglia; music had been in the family and in fact an uncle back in Puglia was an opera singer…from an early age young  Jose demonstrated musical ability and with much sacrifice his parents enrolled him in the piano school of the renown maestro Vicente Scaramuzza whom he amazed with his precociousness…


Still barely a child, he began playing piano for the silent movie house Londres Cinema in the neighborhood of Palermo…through one of the customers at the cinema, he was hired as the pianist for the Odeon Label Recording Company Orchestra, a coveted position; he was only sixteen years old…his first foray into entrepreneurship came just two years later when he formed a trio to perform on the legendary Radio Belgrano; he became a favorite of the radio station’s audience…at the age of twenty-one he put together his first orchestra to appear at the carnival balls at the Teatro Solis of Montevideo…in his seminal period  he would play with the legends of tango including Juan Maglio “Pacho”, Ada Falcon, Roberto Maida and Amanda Ledesma…in 1939 he composed his hit, with the lyrics of Enrique Cadicamo, “Por Una Vuelta” which was premiered by Chola Bosch on Radio Belgrano…seventeen years later it would be a  great hit for the orchestra of Jose Basso, Tinelli’s former pianist, with the voice of “Floreal Ruiz”…”Por Una Vuelta” would be recorded by many artists including Osvaldo Fresedo, Juan D’arienzo and Astor Piazzolla among others…he wrote the music for the films “Virgencita de Madre” and “El Sobretodo de Cespedes” and  “Un Muchacho de Buenos Aires” in which his Chola Bosch starred..


  • CLICK HERE – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td4MAEsNy8Q to hear the Jose Tinelli Orchestra with his wife Chola Bosch singing “El Embrujo De Tu Violin” composed by Mario Maurano and lyrics by Armando Tagini

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