Tango has a power over the human soul like few things in existence…in “Assassination Tango” it changes a hired killer named “John” which is played by academy award winner Robert Duvall…”John” starts out as a hired cynical killer; when his client trys to tell him why they have ordered the hit on a despicable Argentinean general he essentially says, “Never mind, I don’t really care, I just want to do the job, get paid and get out of here”…but the general’s return to Argentina has been delayed and to pass the time he spends time with a beautiful dancer, “Manuela”, who introduces him to the fascinating world of tango…as he progressively gets into tango, it  begins to begins to change him…tango demonstrates similar transformative power in a another great film, “Scent of a Woman”, (1992) where in an explosive scene, a suicidal blind colonel played by Al Pacino, with a gun in hand, screams to his student assistant, “give me one reason not to”….the boy answers, “you dance tango better than anyone”…somehow this mysteriously snaps him out of his suicidal spiral and he begins the road to recovery…tango has even been found to be the best therapy for Parkinson’s patients


Robert Duval fell in love with tango when he saw “Tango Argentino” on broadway around 1988…it became an obssessive hobby resulting in over thirty-eight trips to Argentina…in time he became an accomplished tango dancer; he once danced tango for President Clinton and guests at the White House…he had written the script  for Assassination Tango and essentially had left it in a drawer….Frances Ford Coppola, who had also been in the theater that fateful night to see Tango Argentino, urged Duvall to make the film and eventually Coppola produced it and financed it….In “Assassination Tango”, Robert Duvall writes, directs and acts; he stars with the alluring Luciana Pedraza who would become his wife ands is forty years younger than he…however, the critics were merciless, they slaughtered the film and it was a dismal failure at the box office…in its defense, it is entertaining and the tango dancing is  well staged; perhaps the best scene of all is the dance performed by Pablo Veron with Geraldine Riojas during the credits at the end of the film


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