1904, January 25 – BIRTH OF ANTONIO RODIO

Composer, Leader, Violinist (Acquarius) – Francesca Pumarola put on a brave face, but little Antonio, hugging his threadbare coat , sensed the terror in his mother’s soul as they set out that morning from the town of Crispiano, in the ancient greek province of Puglia in Southern Italy to the port of Napoli to begin the long and arduous journey to Buenos Aires…half a century later having finally found the peace he had dreamed of in Vina del Mar in Northern Chile, he would speak of that day, “I still see that look in mother’s eyes”, he recalled…arriving finally at their destination, they found a small house in a conventillo among other struggling immigrants; cramped quarters for a family of nine…at the age of six he began his music studies with the maestro Mario Rossner on the upper floor of the tea-room Santa Lucía…by the age of eight he had completed elementary studies and then entered the conservatory…two years later he graduated as a superior professor of violin….He began his professional career at the age of 11 working at the Orchestra Classica at the Empire Cinema.


When the prestigious Colon Theater Classical Orchestra held auditions, out of countless candidates, Antonio won the seat; he soon became concert master, one of the youngest in the history of the orchestra…..by the age of 25 he had established a reputation as one of the best violinists in Argentina…in his career he was to work with the legends of tango…Carlos Gardel, Osvaldo Fresedo, Ada Falco, Agustin Magaldi, Pedro Mafia, Azucena Maizani..in 1936 he formed his own orchestra calling it “Los Poetas Del Tango” with Miguel Ninjensohn on piano and Francisco Fiorentino on vocals….Little did he realize, when in 1945, he agreed to accompany Miguel Calo on a tour of South America how it would change his life….on a stop over at the resort town of Vina del Mar he realized that he was strangely content; he would remain there for the rest of his life …in the early part of 1980 he was diagnosed with throat cancer and just a few months later, the little boy who had arrived from the ancient greek province of Puglia in Southern Italy in a threadbare coat passed away at the age of 76…among his numerous compositions are great hits like Angustias, Parece Mentira, Amore Brujo and Cosas Olvidadas made into a hit by Roberto Goyeneche.


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