Walking into the imposing offices of Radio Belgrano in 1939, coy 12 year old Virginia Luque instinctively grabbed her father’s hand….he had convinced her to try the singing contest and promised her that he would remain near her…at the end of the long ordeal, competing with hundreds of others, she had won; she would remember for the rest of  her life that look of pride and love in the teary eyes of her father….that little girl would grow up to be one of the most versatile show business professionals of all time…not only was she a natural actress but had a melodious, engageing voice as well…she would perform all over the world not only in her native Spanish but in Galician, French, Portuguese, Japanese and even Yidish in Israel; her introduction to tango came in 1946, in the play “La Canción De Los Barrios” in which Francisco Canaro had her sing the classic “Si Tu me Quisieras”… she would star in over 20 films…in “Un Tropezon Culaquiera Da En La Vida” she plays the part of sister who, to save her brother, has herself locked up in her house…


The film was directed by Manuel Romero and is typical Romero fare, a comedy with a love story and lots of tango…Manuel Romero had a terrible temper and was difficult to work for; he worked frenetically, writing as he went along, finishing his film as soon as possible…perhaps he was energized by the considerable gambling debts he had; he would make 53 films in his career…one of the highlights of the film is Alberto Castillo’s delivery of the classic “Chorra” whose music and lyrics were both composed by the legendary Enrique Santos Discepolo…Alberto Castillo was a board certified gynecologist by day and a crooner by night…his practise was so invaded by young girls with secondary motives that he finally had to reluctantly leave medicine and devote himself to singing


  1. November 8th, 2011

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