1913, January 17 – “L. Arola” changes name to “E. Arolas”

Composer, Leader, Bandoneonist (Capricorn) – one day he arrived home at an unexpected hour and found his beloved wife Delia in bed with his older brother; he would never really recovered from it and would die just a few years later from complications of alcoholism alone in a hospital on the outskirts of Paris at the age of 32….Eduardo Arolas was however probably  the greatest tango composer of all time; among his nearly 100 compositions were great hits like “El Marne”, “La Cachila”, “Lagrimas, “Maipo”, “Viborita” and “Derecho Viejo”…he had met Delia Lopez “La Chiquita” in a brothel in the town of Bragado where he had been hired to play; she was seductive, enchanting, self-possessed and for reasons even he did not understand he fell for her like he had never done so before in his life…he would write two tangos for her “Delia” and “Nariz”…Eduardo Arolas (from the original Lorenzo Arola) was born to French immigrant parents Henri Arola and Marguerite Saury in the neighborhood of Barracas, Buenos Aires.


From an early at age he began demonstrating precocious musical ability and became self-taught in a number of musical instruments although he finally devoted himself to the bandoneon..at the age of 17 he composed his first tango “Una Noche de Garufa” which Francisco Canaro had to transcribe for him as he did not write music; the next year he formed his first orchestra…..it was the beginning of a prolific career and a tragic life…money was not a problem, the success of his compositions made him a man of means and he made the most of it living the bohemian life of a dandy with fine champagne, the cigarette in a very long cigarette holder and gold rings over his gloves…bordellos were his preferred places and at times he was also a pimp to a select clientele….but Delia never left his soul; alcohol soothed the pain…it is said that during performances he frequently had a bottle of gin next to him but nevertheless he was a brilliant and energetic performer and was much in demand……that night, September 29, 1924, the nurses asked him about friends or  loved ones; he mouthed that he had non and with only a kind nurse by his side, at 6:55 in the afternoon, murmuring “Delia” he closed his eyes for the last time.


  • CLICK HERE – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NGk6aZA3A8 to see “La Yunta Trio” play Eduardo Arolas’s  “Nariz” which was inspired by Delia’s particular habit of touching her nose with her fingers

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