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Composer, Leader, Bandoneonist (Sagittarius) – curiously he had composed “Gitana Rusa” ten years earlier in his struggling years and it had been first recorded by Osvaldo Fresedo but when he recorded it with his own orchestra in 1957 it was a major hit…Juan Sanchez Gorio was born in Spain to a poor family which moved to San Nicolas just outside of Buenos Aires when he was four years old…from the first time he heard the bandoneon on the streets of Buenos Aires, he was mesmerized by its sound and he implored his father to let him take lessons…his talent was such that at the age of 13 he had formed his first trio and a little later he was recruited by Alberto Pugliese, Osvaldo Pugliese‘s brother…


At the age of 20 he formed his own orchestra; his first break came when he was hired by Radio Splendido…in 1943 he formed his first which with its rhythmical style suitable for dancing made it very fashionable; he had his first taste of fame and financial reward…On august 18 1944 he recorded his first disc; on one side a tango of his own composition “Oriente” on the other  the waltz “Claveles Mendocinos” composed by Alfredo Pelaia…it was an important hit at a key moment in his career…he had a successful 20 year run before the advent of the rock era in the 60s that sent tango into hibernation..he passed away unexpectedly at the age of 58