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For composer Lalo Echegoncelay, a struggling musician accustomed to zipping from gig to gig on his motorcycle trying to make ends meet, the fact that “Parece Un Cuento” was a smash hit, was a godsend…in fact it allowed him to devote himself exclusively to composing…he was born into a family of musicians in the neighborhood of Tres Cruces, Montevideo on May 31, 1911 (Gemini) and began as a child to study piano…at age 18 he began to play in orchestras around Montevideo…at age of 22, a piece that he had thrown together “Yo Soy Asi Pa El Amore” was sung by Tita Merello in the Argentina’s first sound movie “Tango”…he was known widely for his bigger than life smile and his kindness and generosity


Singer Julio Martel (born may 14, 1923 Taurus) had to have his mother sign his first contract for him for he was still  a minor…in a contest sponsored by Radio El Mundo seeking a vocalist for the Alfredo De Angelis Orchestra in 1943, Julio was declared the winner out of hundreds of contestants and it was only months later that he recorded “Parece Un Cuento” which became his first hit and launched his fame; he was 21 years 1946 he signed an exclusive contract with the legendary radio show “Glostora Tango Club”…he was to have a long and successful career with Alfredo De Angelis and when he separated from the orchestra in 1951, he would deliver a tearful and moving speech of gratitude  which those attending that night would recall years afterwards…in his neighborhood of Munro he was a hero and on his 80th birthday a parade was held in his honor during which people tossed flowers and shouted greeting and encouragements from their balconies


  • CLICK HERE – to hear “Parece Un Cuento” composed by Lalo Echegoncelay, recorded by the Alredo De Angelis Orchestra with vocals by Julio Martel...the lyrics are the narration of a man who says, “like the fable that my mother used to tell me as a child, the arrival of your love was a beautiful dream and your loss was an inconsolable tragedy”