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2008, November 22 – PREMIERE OF “TANGO ADAMOR”

Stage Show – Premiering at the Wilshire Theater in Beverly Hills, the inspiration for Tango Adamor came from an autistic boy named Adam and through a fairy tale,“Dance into Unity Through the Heart of Tango” written by Elena Alexandra and Svetlana David, it explores how Adam can be helped to emerge to the light of communication through the soul of Tango…in the story, two characters “Truth” and “Light” live in the land of “Unity” and are happy; the one exception is “Snake” who feels ugly and who lives apart and doubts the existence of Unity…Truth and Light courageously become separated as they enter the “Land of Separation” to undergo a saga of discovery…eventually through tango, through dance they are able to be reunited and even bring Snake into Unity and happiness where she becomes a tango dancer.


Artistic Director and Choreographer, Miriam Larici was born in the neighborhood of Matheu in Buenos Aires Argentina. Introduced to the world of dance at the age of five, she trained in classical ballet, jazz, flamenco, acrobatic and tango. …some of her extensive credits include having been a principle with Forever Tango, various Broadway shows, performances with renown orchestras, conducted seminars all over the world and with current partner Leonardo Barrionuevo, the gold medal winner in NBC’s , Super Stars of Dance in 2009…acclaimed dancer Leslie Caron has said of them, “If I had to choose from among the tango dancers of the world, these two would be my choice”...all net proceeds from the show were donated to the treatment of children with autism