Poet, Composer, Flutist (birth 24 October 1883, Scorpio) – returning home late at night from gigs at cheap cafes where he played, he would always buy a yellow magnolia for his wife Elvira Gianelli which he would ceremoniously place in her hand when she joyously greeted him at the door…his devotion  to his family was total; something he expressed in a tender, moving poem dedicated to his son German who would collaborate with him on some of his compositions…Son of a poor French father and an Italian mother, Luis early on would amaze his parents with his love of verse and music….the boy would one day grow up to become a prolific tango lyricist and composer not only of tango but of other kinds of music as well, mazurkas, marches, and passo dobles; in fact in 1921 he would win first prize for his lullaby “Germinase”


But in the beginning, times were tough and he had to leave school to work to help the family survive…at various times he worked as a cobbler and a railroad mechanic’s assistant untill he got a job in a flower shop which he especially liked but from which he was eventually fired for attempting to organize the workers….this was a period of a fiery and impassioned youth who read copiously especially the fashionable avant guard anarchist political tracts of the times…to help ends meet he would play at various venues at the lower end of town but little by little his verses and his musical compositions began to be noticed and requests for collaboration began to arrive from composers like Juan de Dios Filiberto and Carlos Di Sarli….from his little book of poetry, “Mis Humildes Versos” a poem entitle “Tango” says...”time passed and with street formed faith, tango arose from its  laurels to the encounter, trembling with emotion like a fluttering flag.


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