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1896, November 14 – BIRTH OF JOSE RIAL

Poet (Scorpio) – he was a bit of an odd, simple, extremely modest and shy postal clerk…he was born, lived and died in the neighborhood of Parque Patricios when it was still called “Corrales Viejos”, the birthplace of tango..he had the habit of wearing a suit and a hat with a wide brim tilted backwards and always a black or white neckerchief even when he wore a necktie; he did not wear socks, he was uncomfortable in them….he inherited his love of poetry from his father a poor Spanish immigrant…he bought his first guitar at 17 and in time became a true “payador” a singer with the ability to ad lib lyrics… he was invited to join the gaucho group “Gloria, Patria y Tradición” which became very popular attaining a bit of notoriety


He started writing lyrics for a group of street musicians and eventually requests from others began to arrive…from the very instant he laid eyes on Gregoria Buzeta, the young daughter of his neighbor, he fell in love with her but his shyness prevented him from talking to her and for months he suffered for it…in one of countless sleepless nights he got up and began to pen a poem to her which the next day he silently presented to her…they eventually married in 1925…when Carlos Gardel chose to record that poem,” Rosas De Otono”, in 1923 he immortalized it and its author…Jose, perhaps out of gratitude, had the habit of paying homage to Gardel at his grave site; on June 24, 1954 he made one of those visit and just two weeks later he was struck by a heart attack and died