1980, November 10 – BIRTH OF NOELLIA MONCADA

Singer (Scorpio) – as a child she hated tango, her father would start playing it at 7 in the morning on an old AM radio “it was a depressing sound” she would recall years later… she grew up in a poor neighborhood in the city of Rosario where she was surrounded by a beehive of chatting people, children playing, “asado” cookouts and impromptu guitar singers…one day in primary school, the choir director decided that the children would learn “El Dia Que Me Quieras” and suddenly during a rehearsal, it came to her,she understood tango and understood that it would be her life……her devotion to tango made her a bit of an oddball in school and it is here where, with much determination, she put together her first tango ensemble…at the age of 21 she made a highly courageous decision; to seek her fame in Buenos Aires…


She began as a street performer doing theater and singing…she would recall the derisive looks of some of the passersby, “they did not understand that the street is the ultimate test and the ultimate teacher; you have to have energy and presence or you starve”...she went through a very difficult period but somehow she managed to eek out a living…she began working in humble night clubs where one day Ignacio Varchausky noticed her and asked her to join his renown orchestra “Arranque”; it was a dream come true…years later, in 2008, it was he who would produce, to critical acclaim, her first CD “A Tiempo” ….her career has taken her to Los Angeles with Horacio Ferrer’s “Maria De Buenos Aires, to Japan and Europe, to performances in Hong Kong with Tango X2 and with the renown Julio Boca Dance Company to the United States and Central America….along the way she found love and a newborn baby.


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