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1933, November 9 – PREMIERE OF FILM “DANCING”

The dismal failure of this film almost destroyed production company Argentina Sono Film…it was the second of a trilogy of films, the first being “Tango” and the third being “Riachuelo” produced in quick succession…the idea of director Luis Moglia Barth had been that combining resources in the making of three films would reduce cost and risk; in fact “Dancing” resulted in the loss of two key money men and almost destroyed the company…company owner Alberto Mentasti had to sell his personal assets and cut costs drastically to go ahead with the third film “Riachuela” which was a huge critical and financial success…”Dancing”, based on a play by Alejandro Berrutti, premiered at the Teatro Porteno in Buenos Aires; no surviving copies of the film have been found


The film however was notable for two reasons…First, It was Tito Lusiardo’s first film and it would launch his success as a dancer and comedic actor…Tito Lusiardo started as a stage hand and was to become one of a handful of true friends of Carlos Gardel…Secondly, it was the first film of  singer Carlos Varela and in which he sings  “Desde pebeta”…Carlos Varela, from a struggling family of 10 children, had to quit school to work at a variety of menial jobs before he was discovered by orchestra leader Roberto Firpo…Luis Moglia Barth (April 12, 1903 – June 18, 1984, Aries), an early pioneer in Argentina’s nascent  film industry, did over 30 films  often screenwriting his owns films