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1925, November 8 – BIRTH OF NINA MIRANDA

Singer (Scorpio) – One morning while  watering the garden of her home in Montevideo,  she was singing the waltz “A Una Mujer”…a radio soap opera actor happened to walk  by and said, “ah, so it is you that was singing…you should try a contest” she did and she won; she was not yet 13 years old….in the eyes of noted tango historian Ricardo Garcia Blaya, she was the best tango singer to emerge from Uruguay and one who unfortunately never reached her full potential for when she married in 1952, in the bloom of her career, her husband did not want her to continue singing…her talent became evident very early on; at the age of 3 while at church with her mother, a fervent catholic, she inadvertently began singing a popular radio song of the time; mixed in with the embarrassed reprimand that followed, was the marvel at the beauty of her voice


Her first break came when she was invited to sing with an all girls group “Las Golondrinas” with whom she toured Latin America…in 1952 while waiting in a studio for colleague Ernesto Fama, the orchestra leader noticed her and asked her to substitute immediately in a recording session for a singer that did not work out…she protested saying, “but I don’t know the music, I haven’t practised it”…he responded, “you have a natural ear, you’ll do fine” (in fact she was completely self-taught)…the piece recorded that day,  “Maula”, became an instant major hit…this led to an invitation to perform in the play “Tu Cuna Fue Un Conventillo” which had great success and where she premiered another hit “Tu Corazon”…many events followed including the creation of her own group…she wrote the lyrics to the tango “No Hagas Caso a La Gente” and the music to “Cancion Para Mi Amor” which was recorded by Colombian star Mirta Perez