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1932, November 5 – BIRTH OF ALFREDO DEL RIO

Singer (Scorpio) – the last tango he sang was the milonga “La Duda” (the doubt) at the Club De Los Muchachos, in Buenos Aires; two days later, at the age of 46, he would die of a heart attack…his last thoughts might well have been those of his beloved father, himself a guitar player and singer, who had passionately and lovingly encouraged him as a young boy when his talent began to take wings…Alfredo Del Rio, born in the neighborhood of Parque Patricios in Buenos Aires, was inspired early on by Agustin Magaldi and in fact he was known as a “Magaldian Style” singer


At the age of 12 he made his debut at the Cafe El Arco Iris…his first break came when the orchestra leader Miguel Angel Giordano happened to come into the cafe one evening and was immediately struck by the boy’s talent; he invited him to join his orchestra and assiduously groomed his voice…on June 25 1954, with the Pedro Laurenz Orchestra, he recorded for the first time; on one side, “Quejas de Bandoneon” by Juan de dios Filiberto and on the other “Cuando Me Entres A Fallar” by Jose Maria Aguilar…the most important event in his career however, was to occur on October of 1954 when he was invited to join the Alfredo Gobbi Orchestra; at the time perhaps the most dynamic… a long and productive collaboration would ensue with Gobbi, highlighted by the recording of “Triste Destino” (unfortunate destiny) which was a major seller for many years which in the 50s, with the popularity of tango now seriously waning, was no small accomplishment.


  • CLICK HERE – to hear Alfredo Del Rio sing “Un Tango Para Chaplin” with the Alfredo Gobbi orchestra…the music is by Alfredo Gobbi and the lyrics are by Bartolomè Bernardo Salas