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1958, November 4 – BIRTH OF MARTA PIZZO

Poet, Composer (Scorpio) – one critic said of her writings “her poetry walks along the unfathomable depths of human feeling with fine brush pastel sketchings  of our memories, of the nostalgia for the things we fear may be lost forever”…she has written the lyrics to over 40 tangos which have been put to music by noted musicians not only in Argentina but throughout Latin America…her numerous awards have included a first prize in 2004 for her tango “Magia de Malvon” at the Certamen De Tango Hugo De Carril and in 2008, another first prize for her tango “Cada Espera Es Un Adios”…for the acclaimed musical “Herencia Tanguera” she wrote the lyrics for the title song…


Born in the neighborhood of Villa Luzuriaga in Buenos Aires, already as a child she showed an unusual sensitivity and curiosity; qualities which in adulthood would transform her into a noted journalist with a deep concern for the suffering of  people around her….in August of 2007 she released, to rave reviews, her first book of poetry “Puerta Palabras”…For the Japanese tango singer Anna Saeiki, in some critics’ eyes, the best female tango vocalist of our times, she wrote “Cantar Es Vivir” (to sing is to live)…in one of her lyrics she writes, “perhaps it is for a precious miracle that we wonder through life as music makers”


  • CLICK HERE – to hear “Lagrimas De Nana” (tears of a grandmother) whose lyrics, written by Marta, are the narration of a grandmother who wonders about her grandchild who has disappeared in the state sponsored violence, the “dirty war”, between 1976-1983…the music is by Maby Escribal