Perhaps no other country in history took to tango like Poland; in fact in would become synonymous with Polish popular music…Tango emerged in Poland soon before the outbreak of the World War I…Ludwik Sempolinski, an artist and historian, in his memoirs records the fact that in the “latest operetta by Jacoby which was put on the stage in Warsaw on October 28th 1913, a new dance ‘Tango’ was introduced and was performed by Lucyna Messal and Jozef Redo”….this launched a series of noted Polish singers’ and dancers’ love affair with the tango; Aume Lauchame’s recording of “Regina Tango”, Karol Hanusz singing “The Last Tango” in the Warsaw Cabaret “Black Cat” in  1919, Stanislao Ratold’s recording  of Tango Du Reve” in 1922…but perhaps no one did more to popularize tango than the legendary Jerzy Petersburski composer of the mythical “Ostatnia Niedziela” (Death Tango)


But there was no character more fascinating than Pola Negri who, with her partner Edward Kuryllo in 1913, as a 17-year-old, began dancing the tango in Warsaw…she was born in Lipno Poland on January 3, 1897 (Capricorn)…her exotic, mysterious passionate qualities would turn her into one of the most fascinating femme fetal’s in history…she edwas discovered by Austrian film director Max Reinhardt and she eventually move to the United States where she made some very popular films…she divorced a Polish Count and was engaged to Charlie Chaplan whom she left for Rodolfo Valentino…later she returned to Germany where she married a russian prince…she was a favorite actress of Adolf Hitler even though he knew she was half jewish…in one of her last films she was to sing “Tango Notturno” to great acclaim…she died in San Antonio, Texas at the age of 90


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