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1924, October 27 – PREMIERE OF “GRISETA”

“Griseta” is considered the first tango romanza, a genre different from the cayengue style which preceded it, with its lyrics of boastful expressions of tough guys; by contrast, the tango romanza is melodic in nature…in fact the words of “Griseta” speak of a sentimental, coquettish french prostitute girl, a gay dreamer whose final “sleep” is brought on by a prediliction for champagne and cocaine… was premiered by Raúl Laborde in the one-act farce “Hoy Transmite Ratti Cultura”, staged at the Teatro Sarmiento by the César Ratti’s Theater Company


The lyrics were written by Jose Gonzalez Castillo (born January 25, 1885, Aquarius) who was inspired by the singer and poet customers of the barber shop where he worked at, as a young man…Paris had always been the alure for portenos and Castillo was no exception; he was a lover of French literature and in fact his text borrows freely from “Scenes De la Vie de Boheme” written by Henri Murger which was the inspiration of Puccini’s “La Boheme” and “Manon Lescaut” by Antoine Prevost which Puccini also turned into an opera….Griseta meaning ‘grayish’ referred to the base cloth of the seamstress…in the early part of the 19th century the young bourgeois women who allowed themselves to be courted were called “grisettes”…however, as of the late 17th century, the term and the character Grisette has been a constant in the literature of diverse writers


  • CLICK HERE – to hear Julietta Ghibaudo sing Griseta, (composed by Enrique Delfino) 2007 in Cordoba, Argentina…it has been estimated that it has been recorded over 50 times by major orchestras and singers alone