1921, October 26 – BIRTH OF CARLOS OLMEDO

Singer, Composer (Scorpio) – he died relativel young from a heart attack just when things were finally beginning to come together for him in his career and he left few recording but he was immortalized by some of his compositions which were made into great hits by other singers years after his demise…he was born in Departamento de Rivero, Uruguay but his family soon moved to the mythical Barrio Sur in Montevideo the home of two other tango pioneers Lagrima Rios and Modesto Ocampo…he began singing as a very young man with a voice which in time would be described by one critic as “he has the virtue of creating an intimate and delicate mood with his baritone voice”


At the age 19 he won a singing contest at the historic Cafe El Ateneo which launched his career…later with another young friend Julio Sosa, who himself would become a renown singer and die young in a car accident, moved to Buenos Aires to seek their fortune….an early break came when he sang at Radio Mitre leading to performances at the Cafe La Armonia where he was applauded enthusiastically by its demanding audiences …he sang with different secondary groups but unfortunately his  tenure with two great orchestras that of Osvaldo Pugliese and that of Anibal Troilo were very brief…singer Alfredo Belusi had great success with two of his compositions “Y No Le Erre” and “Lo Que Voz Te Mereces”; Roberto Goyeneche with his “Por Quererla Asi”and several singers with his “De Puro Curda”



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